Friday, January 27, 2012

Vintage Graphics Letter Holder

To My Creative Friends ~ Have you ever finished a product you were certainly intending to sell, and then well, you just couldn't.  That is exactly what happened with my Vintage Letter Holder.  I found this very ugly dark blue letter holder with awful graphics at Goodwill.  Next time I will take a before and after picture.  I gave it four coats of paint, but I knew the dark paint underneath would be wonderful when sanded back for our time worn look.  Once again, I am here to thank The Graphics Fairy for the wonderful graphics provided to make this holder a "keeper."  The graphics were applied with Inkjet water slide paper from the site I consider the best, Lazertran.  I will admit that I actually purchased the paper from Mister Art, which is a little less expensive.  The graphic is printed in reverse on the shiny side of the paper and then dipped in water.  Remember to let the ink dry at least overnight.  Cut around the graphic a little larger than the actual print.  At this point, you will apply pure turpentine (do not substitute any other product) with a little sponge brush on the surface of the painted wood.  Do not be scared to paint the turpentine on; it will not remove the paint or bubble up.  Slide the decal from the backing.  Try to place your graphic in the correct alignment, as the decal is thin, and is difficult to move after placement.  Let dry overnight!  I then use a fine sandpaper over the entire graphic to dull the shiny look and blend out the edges.  Any kind of sealer could be used, but I often leave as is, especially when I am keeping for myself!  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

French Tile Coasters - Coffee Time!

A long time ago, I attempted my skills at tile coasters.  They did not turn out the greatest, but I never forgot how much fun they were to make.   Now I have advanced to a laser printer and great graphics from my favourite site, The Graphics Fairy.  As you can imagine, I spent considerable time at the computer to create four different tiles.  I used waterslide decals which are gradually heated in an oven until set.  The first set with the French graphics are for sale in my little Etsy Store.  I will be posting more as I have time to take wonderful pictures.